life update

i’ve finally recovered enough from a multi-week bout of sickness to say some things and put up some photos. lately i’ve felt exhausted and lethargic and unproductive to be honest. being sick probably had something to do with it; i sure hope next week gets better.

yesterday, someone told me they had a theory that everyone who sleeps at night (with rare exceptions) can only manage ~3 significant life events at a time. that sounds about right, but it feels like a lot has been going on. a partial, unordered list:

  1. talked yesterday at the Yahoo Trust Unconference about the future of email security

photo credit Bill Childers

  1. working on graceful degradation of hopes and feelings

  2. writing software for Let’s Encrypt as an EFF Technology fellow

  3. trying to make sane w3c standards with these fine folks from the W3C Technical Architecture group


photo credit Tantek Celik

  1. packing bag(s) and moving to a new neighborhood (twice)

  2. finding balance on a skateboard and otherwise

“I think emotional and crypto intelligence are severely underrated” – spectator at the Yahoo Trust Unconference.