surveillance Hi, I’m yan, AKA bcrypt. I produce and DJ electronic music as azuki. I like information freedom, infosec, stunt h4cks, cryptography, an internet that respects humans, and theoretical physics. I dislike non-consensual power structures.

I’m the Chief Security Officer at Brave and was a Technology Fellow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Before that, I dropped out of high school, got my B.S. from MIT in Physics, and started a PhD at Stanford before dropping out of that too.

I am reachable via SMTP at [first name] at [undergrad college] dot edu. My PGP key is in the strong set and available on public keyservers (BDE7 D508 3BB3 5EDC 7A66 BD97 388C E229 FAC7 8CF7). Regardless of whether your email is encrypted, I will probably not reply to it and apologize in advance.

Most of my work is open source on Github.


Specs and drafts: