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solving boolean satisfiability on human circuits

Wed, Dec 31, 2014
I remember quite clearly sitting in Scott Aaronson’s computability and complexity theory course at MIT in 2011. I was a 19 year-old physics major back then, so Scott’s class was mostly new and fascinating. One spring day, Scott was at the chalkboard delightedly introducing the concept of time complexity classes to us, with the same delight he used when introducing most abstract constructs. He said that you could categorize algorithms into time complexity classes based on the amount of time they take to run as a function of the input length.

why I left grad school

Sun, Jan 20, 2013
[originally posted to on 1/20/13] Grad school was alright. I liked the people, I liked my research, and I liked the security of knowing exactly what I was going to be doing for the next 5-6 years. Grad school in experimental physics was the easy choice for me. I had a hella fly academic track record, liked doing research, and reportedly got one of the two highest scores in experimental physics my year.