Scheduled talks etc.:

As of 2019, I've stopped updating this page regularly out of laziness. For DJ gigs, see my soundcloud.

Slides/video that might be cool, who knows:

  • A Brave New Model For the Web, UDC 2019[Video]
  • It Me: Under the Hood of Web Authentication, StrangeLoop 2017 [Video]
  • Weird New Tricks for Browser Fingerprinting, ToorCon 2015 [Slides, Video]
  • JS and Security Get Married, NCC Group Open Forum [Slides]
  • Let’s Encrypt: Mining Free Certificates for The Entire Web, DEF CON 2015 [Slides, Video]
  • Weird Tricks to Improve Web Security 10000000%, TXJS 2015 and jQuerySF 2015 [Slides from TXJS, Video from jQuerySF]
  • Securing Email, Yahoo Trust Unconference 2015 [Slides, Video]
  • SecureDrop: A WikiLeaks in Every Newsroom, HOPE 2014 [Slides, Video]

Press coverage, awards, and other resume fillers: